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Wiseyes Solutions develop application, software and provide consultations work.



To Become Leader of Excellence R&D.

To Constantly Innovate.

To Lighten, Shorten and Computerize Work Procedures.

 To Penetrate Domestic Market and Expand Business To Reach Global.


Transforming the Future Together!
We aspire to take technological lead in transforming our customers & stakeholders into Smart Organisations & Smart People to be future-ready & future-proof..



We lead and care for the community we serve


We value honesty and ethics


We strive for sustainable development

Creative & Innovative

We drive technological change with innovative products & creative solutions


Business Consulting Conference

In Wiseyes, we have only 2 teams, Administration and R&D.

As the name implies, our Administration team is responsible to administrate and manage the internal and external operation including business development.

On the other hand, our R&D team is the heart of the company. They consist of a dedicated programmer and very good in what they are doing. Each one of them has a respectable knowledge and programming skills in dozens of programming languages, software and database management.

Here is the list of our programming language that we capable of :
PHP | MySQL | ASP.net | Java | C++ | Python | Android Java | Objective C | C# | Visual Basic | iOS | DB2 | Microsoft Access | XML | J2ME | Windows Apps | 


Wiseyes Solutions Sdn. Bhd. was established in the year of 2004 as a Research & Development (R&D) and IT Consultancy company that specialized in Web Portal, mobile applications, and Software as a Service (SaaS).

In the year of 2008, we have achieved Malaysia MSC Status Company based on our research in Stock Exchange software and applications. In the same year, we also have granted with Pioneer status by Malaysian Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) due to the same research.

In 2012, Wiseyes Solutions Sdn Bhd has also received Content Application Service Provider Class (CASP (C)) License by Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission allowing us to develop any kind of application for the Government.

Our first major breakthrough in Government project was in 2013 when we being requested to develop a mobile application for Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) of Johor Contingent that will be a communication bridge from PDRM towards the Rakyat – “E-Alerts”. In the very same year, Wiseyes Solutions also manage to produce another mobile application that focus on improving the Emergeny system in Malaysia – “Community Alerts”.

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