In this era of technology, mobile phones are one of the most fascinating technology that we use the most. Mobile phones have come a long way from just a medium of communication to one of our best mates. Today, it is very difficult to spend even a single day without the mobile. If our phone breaks down, it make us quite nervous.

Smartphones are swiftly becoming an integral part of our daily lives. Starting of as a wireless communication tool, it has come a long way in terms of design, features and functions. Inevitably, most of us could not go a whole day without scrolling through our social media sites or simply, use an application to help us navigate through our everday problems.

GFSB has venture in Mobile Application since the year of 2011. It begin when we conducts a research of how mobile application affected our daily life. Base one our researched, gaming apps has the highest download rate follow by social media apps and then management tools such as expense manager. This is critical as netizen did not even downloading security apps simply because either they do not aware of it or the apps did not provide what they want.

In 2011, Wiseyes Solutions Sdn Bhd ventured into the mobile application development. An in-depth research was conducted on the mobile app market and how it affected the masses in terms of their daily usage. Key findings of this research shows that games are the most frequently downloaded app. The research helped to shed some light on the lack of awareness by the public when it comes security apps in times of emergency.

As a result, we have created two mobile applications with the corporation and support by the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM)
of the State of Johor

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