Successful, well-organized businesses rely heavily on their inventory management system to make certain they have adequate inventory levels to satisfy their customers. The Inventory Control module for the WISEYES Stock Control system provides this level of control by offering high -end features normally reserved for large companies, including: light manufacturing capabilities, serial number tracking, and multi -warehouse support. The module even has an image library feature that allows you to attach a picture to each part.

Improved customer service leads to increased profitability. And, when integrated with our Accounts Receivable and Order Entry modules, Inventory Control can significantly boost your customer service levels while operating as the cornerstone of an effective manufacturing or distribution solution. For more complex project management, Inventory Control can be coupled with the Job Cost module to help track all inventory -related expenses for a project. Inventory tracking is enhanced even more when integrated with the Custom Office module, which creates detailed spreadsheets to provide further analysis of inventory performance.

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